Did you come for the food or did you come for the art? It doesn’t matter, because at Greene St. Kitchen, the new Palms restaurant from Clique Hospitality, you get satisfaction from both. Greene St., one of the hip new venues at the completely revamped resort, features a street art vibe.

You enter Greene St. through a neato-keen vintage Coke vending machine, check out Banksy art immediately and enter a bar area with a massive birdcage-style installation surrounding the bar top.

Around the corner lies a dining room, with wall pieces by Vhils and Cleon Peterson, and another with a huge DabsMyla mural dominating the area. Regardless of where you’re sitting, you’re in view of one piece or another. The cuisine here works perfectly with the art, creating Instagrammable scenes. The arty drinks here have names like Krylon, Mellow Out, Dope Hat and Rook. The stunning Rook mixes Bombay Sapphire East gin, pesto syrup, lime and pink peppercorn, puts that over shaved ice, plants edible blooms atop and serves it up in a flower pot. You don’t have to go for a cocktail, though, as there is an extensive champagne, wine and sake menu.

Start your meal communally with shared plates, where pan-Asian flavors abound. Favorites-to-be are tuna pizza, with a black garlic aioli and pickled onions on a super thin crust, hamachi sashimi with yuzu ponzu and chili garlic accents, and Alaskan King crab tempura, which is a sleeper dish that quietly disappears from the table. Vegetarians may want to try the organic avocado bruschetta—if they can sneak it away from the carnivores at the table. If you want to rock a tableside hot rock, get wagyu or king oyster mushrooms sizzling away.

What constitutes your entrée could be anything from a grilled 24-ounce ribeye to a whole steamed bass, served in an eye-catching basket. Inspirations from the sushi bar come in the form of hand rolls in unusual iterations like the baked crab with crispy onions. Raw bar offerings include oysters, a poached shrimp cocktail and a shellfish cocktail, with shrimp crab and lobster. Vegan sliders are impossibly crispy, while hearts of palms cakes are tender morsels soaked in a coconut curry sauce, with the texture a little like a crab cake. Sides are a little unusual, too, with patatas bravas popped up with a harissa aioli, and coconut cream spinach drawing in ginger and lime.

There are just a few desserts on the menu, but they’re a little like art pieces themselves—the Space Invader brings you face-to-face with an alien baked Alaska. It’s made of cereal milk ice cream with a fruity crème anglaise, but it’s so oddly endearing you may not want to cut into it. The yuzu bombe features a yuzu sabayon with white chocolate mousse carefully arranged across the plate. The sundae trolley is what you may want to save yourself for, though, with a choice of ice cream and plenty of toppings to create the artsy ending you always wished for.

Palms, opens at 5 p.m. daily. 702.942.7777