Want to experience the cuisine of southeast Asia while foregoing the hassles of international travel? Then look no further than La La Noodle at Park MGM for your passport to culinary exploration.

As part of the upgraded dining offerings at the recently rebranded property, La La Noodle is a casual-yet-contemporary Pan-Asian restaurant with an upbeat, welcoming ’80s soundtrack and ample counter seating overlooking an open kitchen for those who want to look behind the curtain. The menu meanders seamlessly from cuisine to cuisine, moving from Thailand to Malaysia along its way to Taiwan and mainland China, while not eschewing familiar American Chinese cuisine.

That sense of familiarity begins with delicious, crispy fried wontons stuffed with pork and shrimp. Pot stickers—pan-fried dumplings—are deliciously browned, swaddling a pork filling with a sharp chili-vinegar soy dipping sauce. And diners should be acquainted with walnut shrimp which, while purportedly originating from Hong Kong, became predominantly popular in the U.S. Deep-fried shrimp are bathed in a sweet honey-and-mayonnaise mixture and tossed with candied walnuts, providing a contrast in textures.

Less familiar are the crispy lobster and shrimp dumplings, drizzled with a spicy sriracha mayo. And La La Noodle chicken wings may not be traditional but the honey- and ginger-glazed fowl are a tasty treat. Finished with toasted sesame seeds and scallions, the wings deliver sweetness while not being cloying, an accessible option for those craving a more American dish with a twist.

For the adventurous, oxtail fried rice braises steer tails and tosses them in a smoky fried rice with Chinese broccoli, crispy garlic and shiitake mushrooms. If you’ve never had this type of beef product, there’s hardly a more approachable introduction than in a fried rice.

Don’t overlook the Mongolian beef, endowed with a robust, wok-induced smokiness. This Chinese menu standard should be a part of every order. Equally successful is the milky bowl of curry laksa noodles originating from southeast Asia. Not too spicy, the complex broth, heavy in coconut milk, complements a mixture of basil, red chili pepper, green beans and scallions.

As the name would suggest, pad Thai is a staple of Thai cuisine and is probably one of the more readily available Asian dishes across America. La La Noodle’s rendition is traditional, smoky and hinting of sweet. Elsewhere, a well-balanced green papaya salad also offers Thai flavors without being overly tart.

For those who imbibe, La La Noodle offers approachable-yet-innovative cocktails, making good use of atypical Asian ingredients. Matcha Punch mixes Junmai sake and St-Germain elderflower liqueur with matcha green tea, which endows the drink with a deep green hue. The addition of grapefruit and yuzu provide the libation with acidity to contrast its sweetness. And the Kappa margarita gives a traditionally Mexican cocktail an Asian twist, combining sesame-infused tequila with watermelon atop a cucumber ice cube. The togarashi-salted rim contributes a hint of spiciness.

La La Noodle highlights many Asian dishes, providing something for everyone. What more could one ask for from the comfort of the Las Vegas Strip?

Park MGM, 5-11 p.m. Mon.-Fri., 5 p.m.-midnight Sat.-Sun. 702.730.7010