You come to Vegas to get away, don't you? Well, in The Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian and The Palazzo, you can eat in another country without actually traveling there. In St. Mark's Square, there are several Italian restaurants, and Sixth & Mill Ristorante, Pizzeria and Bar is the latest. Inside is a lovely, calm environment, but sit "outside" and enjoy an open-air patio and the blue sky. You're just steps away from the canals of Venice, yet ensconced at a cozy table with cushy banquettes—and that's our recommendation.

Sixth & Mill isn't named for some random street corner in Vegas, but draws inspiration from regions in Italy; and "mill" refers to the milling of flour, used in pasta and pizza dough (made in-house here). That breadth is a good thing, as it allows plenty of room to foray off the usual Italian menus. First order a cocktail, or two—the Rubicon combines Bloom Jasmine and Rose gin with chartreuse and Luxardo maraschino liquor. A rosemary twig is torched and popped into the drink, and the smoky fragrance makes each sip a delight. Of course, you can also choose wine or a classic Negroni. The bar is beautifully stocked, so you'll find nearly anything your heart could desire.

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One of the most intriguing appetizers here are the arancinotto, a bell-shaped fried arancini with a beef-and-pork meatball enclosed within the rice. Salads are light and refreshing, like the Misto with escarole and fennel; the caprese pairs heirloom tomato with a creamy mozzarella and arugula oil.

There are 10 pizzas here, and they are all pretty special. Crusts are light, with charred edges adding a nice crunch. The Vince pizza makes for a pretty unique meal, with mozzarella and burrata creating a creamy base for the mortadella. Sprinkled pistachios and a liberal layering of orange zest finish it off. And, although you may have had it many times, the margherita is simply good times—red sauce, olive oil and oregano inviting you to eat just one more piece. Customize it with other items like a farm egg or Gorgonzola.

You may not want to indulge in the 'za (although who could fathom why?), but rest assured, there are more delicious dishes waiting. The pastas are handmade, as they are in sister Venetian restaurant Matteo's Italian Ristorante, and one of the best is the simply named ravioli-packages stuffed with fior di latte (fresh mozzerella) and covered with lemon cream. The mint oil that is sparingly drizzled across the dish works incredibly well. The spaghettoni cacio e pepe captures the dish perfectly, with creamy pecorino Romano and peppercorns. Order the Siciliana for your meat and potatoes—a pretty plate of prime beef steak accented with fragrant herbs and a little garlic oil.

And although you probably won't be able to handle dessert, if you can, get a cannoli—filled with cream and featuring jam on one side and pistachio on the other—and a coffee to round out the people-watching you've been doing. What a perfect getaway!

The Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian and The Palazzo, 11 a.m.-11 p.m. daily. 702.414.1227