On the Strip: Delmonico Steakhouse

Recently renovated to celebrate 20 years of delicious impact on the Strip dining scene, Emeril Lagasse’s sophisticated Delmonico Steakhouse (The Venetian, 702.414.3737) is magically stuck in its prime. It was always one of the most refined steakhouses in Las Vegas, a serene and sophisticated escape from the glitz, and a fresh revamp of its dining spaces and the entire restaurant have only honed in on what makes Delmonico an icon.

Chef de cuisine Ronnie Rainwater continues his masterful curation of menus that splash classic American cuisine with New Orleans flavor and elevate simple dishes to elegant status. Regulars love to start with Emeril’s barbecue shrimp, but the crispy braised Spanish octopus is tempting. Charbroiled, Creole-seasoned ribeye might be the most popular steak, but there are also such items as rabbit porchetta, seared scallops with herb gnocchi and a Piedmontese New York strip to contend with.

The service is just as fantastic as the food, another element that keeps Delmonico at the top of our list. –Brock Radke

Shanghai Taste

Shanghai Taste

Off the Strip: Shanghai Taste

In the new Shanghai Plaza in Chinatown, one homegrown restaurant is drawing attention for its signature dish. Chef Jimmy Li and the team at Shanghai Taste (4266 W. Spring Mountain Road, 702.570.6363) have perfected the art of xiaolongbao, or steamed soup dumplings, distinctive by multiple twists on top and filled with broth and pork or crab. Poke a hole in the dough with a chopstick to let out a bit of steam, then put the whole thing in your mouth to suck out the soup. The dish also comes in a wok-seared form with a soft top and crunchy bottom. –Rob Kachelriess

#trending: Garagiste

Located next to CraftHaus Brewery’s outpost just off Main Street, Garagiste (197 E. California Ave., 702.954.3658) sprung up seemingly overnight. It’s intimate yet approachable, with an extensive wine list and petite charcuterie offerings. Many of the wines have never been in the Vegas market before, like Cruse Wine Co.’s Monkey Jacket red blend and Commune of Buttons’ naturally sparkling Pet Nat Pinot Gris. The goal is to offer lesser-known bottles from smaller wineries at affordable prices. –Leslie Ventura