For seven seasons on the NBC comedy 30 Rock, Tracy Morgan played Tracy Jordan, an unpredictable sketch-comedy star who had a tendency to say inappropriate and/or inexplicable things at the worst possible moments, who tormented his bosses and who always managed to escape whatever trouble he got himself into. It’s no coincidence that Morgan and Jordan share a first name, and that series creator Tina Fey based the character on her experience working with Morgan on Saturday Night Live.

But Tracy Morgan and Tracy Jordan are not the same person, and the real Tracy Morgan is a smart, clever comedian and performer who knows exactly what he’s doing. After seven years on SNL, creating such memorable characters as Brian Fellow and Astronaut Jones, Morgan headlined his own short-lived sitcom before joining with Fey for 30 Rock. Throughout that time, he’s continued to work as a stand-up comedian, and fans of his SNL characters and his 30 Rock persona will find something to love in his live performances. He may not actually be Tracy Jordan, but he’s every bit as funny.

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