In the age of streaming, the album has become an endangered art form. Pop singers often put out singles one at a time over a period of many months, only later collecting them into an album almost as an afterthought. But Swedish pop singer Tove Lo has defied that trend with her two albums, both of which are carefully curated statements in which the parts add up to a greater whole. That’s not to say that she hasn’t created some singular pop songs, but even her catchiest, most radio-friendly hits have more to say than typical throwaway dance-pop.

Lo’s first big hit was the dark and moody “Habits (Stay High),” a poppy yet brooding song about the end of a relationship that made it to No. 3 on the Billboard singles chart. It’s part of the song suite about the cycle of a relationship on Lo’s 2014 debut album Queen of the Clouds, along with subsequent hit “Talking Body.” Lo’s 2016 sophomore collection Lady Wood is another concept album, loosely structured around the highs and lows of emotional extremes, featuring the hit singles “Cool Girl” and “True Disaster.” They’re all songs that can get people moving, but they speak to the brain as much as the booty.

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