Most of us believe there are four key components to a successful rock band: guitarist, bassist, drummer, lead singer. Not true. Oh, sure, those four elements—particularly in the hands of gifted musicians—can carry a band a long way. Even as far as One Hit Wonder Land. Maybe even a little beyond.

But a successful rock band? That requires an essential fifth ingredient—and we’re not talking about a keyboardist. No, this particular ingredient is much more organic, and highly combustible: drama. And, preferably, a lot of it. Because if the history of rock ’n’ roll has taught us anything, it’s that with great drama comes great success.

Few musicians know this better than Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie. As members of Fleetwood Mac, they were front and center for both tremendous success and DEFCON 5-level drama, which included—among other things—affairs (and breakups) between band members. But while Buckingham and McVie were very much entangled in the … let’s call it interoffice romantic shenanigans, they were never entangled with one another. As McVie recently put it to Rolling Stone, “We are free of baggage.”

Which is why the duo decided to enter a Los Angeles studio—the same studio where some of Fleetwood Mac’s biggest hits were laid down—and create new music for the first time in 30 years. The result is the recently released, 10-song duets album simply titled Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie, which also includes contributions from fellow Fleetwood Mac alums Mick Fleetwood on drums and John McVie (Christine’s ex) on bass.

Both Buckingham, 67, and McVie, 74, enjoyed the collaboration so much that they decided to support their album with a summer tour. No, the tour doesn’t feature any of their Fleetwood Mac partners, but Buckingham/McVie still offers fans an opportunity to see rock royalty—rock royalty with bloodlines that trace all the way back to … Walt Disney.

It’s true. At least in a six-degrees-of-Kevin Bacon sort of way:

1. Buckingham and McVie obviously partnered with legendary siren Stevie Nicks in Fleetwood Mac (well, Buckingham partnered with Nicks in more ways than one, hence the high drama).

2. Nicks has collaborated in studio and onstage with Tom Petty, who in addition to having many hits with the Heartbreakers was a founding member of the Traveling Wilburys.

3. The Wilburys were a supergroup that also featured Jeff Lynne, Bob Dylan, George Harrison and Roy Orbison.

4. Orbison, of course, wrote and recorded (in just 40 minutes, no less) “Oh, Pretty Woman,” the 1964 hit that Van Halen covered nearly two decades later, first releasing it as a single and later including it on their cover-heavy album, Diver Down.

5. Diver Down also featured a cover of “Happy Trails,” originally recorded by Roy Rogers and his wife, Dale Evans, who were longtime friends of Gene Autry.

6. In addition to his many recording and acting accomplishments, Autry owned the Los Angeles Angels baseball club from its inception in 1961 until the mid-1990s, when he sold the team to the Walt Disney Company … which, alas, was founded by Walt Disney.

So there you have it: A Buckingham/McVie concert—it’s like a trip to Disneyland … minus the drama!

Park Theater at Monte Carlo, 8 p.m. July 22, starting at $41.28 plus tax and fee. 844.600.7275