Sometimes, two-for-one deals are anything but bargains. For instance, who needs one lime-green leisure suit, let alone two? On the other hand, if you’re talking BOGO margaritas or lobster tails, well, sign us up! Ditto for classic rock bands that team up and treat fans to a doubleheader of memorable hits.

Boston and Night Ranger have been entertaining audiences for a combined 75 years, and will become the latest in a long line of vintage rock acts to heat up the summer concert scene by sharing a stage with one another. The only difference with this two-fer? It’s a one-off engagement on Boston’s tour.

That means you get one chance to thrust your fist in the air as Night Ranger cranks the amps to 10 on such heavy-hitters as “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” and “(You Can Still) Rock in America,” while Boston counters with “Rock and Roll Band,” “Smokin’” and “Peace of Mind.” One chance to relive your first crush when Night Ranger belts out “Sister Christian” and Boston follows with “Amanda.” One chance to enjoy “When You Close Your Eyes,” “Sing Me Away,” “Sentimental Street,” “More Than a Feeling,” “Don’t Look Back,” “We’re Ready,” “Feelin’ Satisfied” and more—all under one roof … and all with a single ticket.

Park Theater at Monte Carlo, 8 p.m. June 17, starting at $35.78 plus tax and fee. 844.600.7275