Here in Las Vegas the name Capriotti conjures up a love for some of the best subs in the city. For Gina Capriotti there’s no such connection to the family sandwich dynasty. “I get asked all the time,” says Capriotti, with a laugh. Sandwiches aside, she is known in the city as one of Tropicana’s poolside cocktail servers.

Capriotti has been in the food and beverage industry for a decade, starting in a suburb right outside of Philly. “At 18 I bartended at a local’s bar and moved into cocktail serving when I turned 21,” she says. Her longest stint was cocktail serving on the casino floor at Harrah’s in Philadelphia. About a couple of years ago a friend approached her about moving to Vegas and she jumped at the chance. “I figured what did I have to lose moving out here,” Capriotti says. “It took a little time to get settled but so far I’ve met a lot of great people. And, I’m living and enjoying life.”

This is her first season working at Tropicana’s pool. “It’s a really good vibe here. Everyone is so fun and nice. … This pool is more mellow, relaxed, laid back than some other pool clubs, but, you can still come party.”

As Capriotti continues to settle into her

new hometown, she says the only thing she misses about Philly, besides her family, is “a buffalo chicken cheesesteak. Its chicken tossed in buffalo sauce, fried onions and American cheese on a roll.” Maybe one day she’ll share those same cravings for one of Capriotti’s famous sub sandwiches? After all, she already shares the same name.

Tiki Punch

Grab a lounge chair or daybed and relax poolside, try your hand at swim-up blackjack or try one of the pool’s new seasonal cocktails. “We really do have great cocktails on our menu,” says Capriotti. One favorite, that you can order in a souvenir cup, is what Tropicana likes to call a new-age Mai Tai. It’s mixed with Captain Morgan spiced rum, Meyer’s rum, Malibu coconut rum, grenadine and pineapple and orange juices.