Intimate conversation has gone from the bedroom to the showroom with the Strip’s newest show, Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man. The New York production based off the book of the same name comes to Paris for a limited engagement and enlisted reality stars Kendra Wilkinson and Jai Rodriguez to play the leads. Wilkinson takes on the role of nerdy Robyn, who leads a university author’s forum that’s invited author Dan Anderson, played by Rodriguez, who shares the sex tips in his book and helps bring Robyn out of her shell. There’s also some eye candy in the form of Stefan, Robyn’s assistant.

The audience serves as guests at the forum and in turn gets to be a part of the production. It’s a story of sexual self-discovery and theater that breaks the fourth wall. It’s big laughs combined with sex education—all in the name of naughty fun.

Show tip No. 1: “This is a rowdy, audience interactive show experience that happens to be scripted with moments that the audience is the fourth character—there’s three actors onstage,” says Rodriguez. “We’re bringing people onstage a lot, and who knows what they’re gonna say, so we have to roll with the punches and work it into the show! There is no way this show will feel the same every single night.”

Show tip No. 2: “My goal is just to have fun with it, which is what I am doing,” says Wilkinson. “It’s gonna be a huge party.”

Show tip No. 3: “This ain’t Phantom; this ain’t Hamilton,” says Rodriguez. “More importantly, you leave your inhibitions at the door, which is why this show is long overdue to hit the Strip. Yes, it’s done in a very funny tongue-and-cheek way and, yes, you’re gonna be laughing and your face is gonna get red, but through your laughter you’re gonna be like, “Oh, that’s how you do that!” It’s very informative.”

Show tip No. 4: “I know it’s going to sound biased, but the best sex tip I’ve ever gotten in my life was practicing and rehearsing for the show,” says Wilkinson. “… I’m reading the book and I’m reading this tip I never really understood: ‘The penis is your friend and not your enemy,’ and all this time it’s been my enemy (she laughs). I never thought of it that way. It’s supposed to be your friend! So, my whole way of thinking is so different now.”

Show tip No. 5: “This is the best 69 minutes you’ll ever spend,” says Rodriguez

Show tip No. 6: “We laugh,” says Wilkinson. “We party together. Everyone’s involved.”

Paris 7 p.m. Sun.-Tues. & Thurs., 7 & 11 p.m. Fri.-Sat., starting at $39, 18+. 702.777.2782

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