Las Vegas is so heavily populated with expatriate Hawaiians that it’s commonly referred to as “the ninth island,” so Hawaiian and Polynesian music is a natural fit here. The members of Common Kings may have come together in Southern California, but they have strong Polynesian roots, in Hawaii as well as Samoa, Fiji and Tongo. The band members’ diverse backgrounds play into the mix of their music, which incorporates reggae, rock, pop and R&B.

After releasing a string of EPs and building a fan base, Common Kings dropped their first full-length album, Lost in Paradise, earlier this year, topping the reggae charts on iTunes and Amazon. “We grinded it out for the last five years,” bassist Ivan Kirimaua told AXS around the album’s release. “We didn’t turn down a show and we only played what we felt was the best representation of ourselves. So that’s why this is our first album.” Judging from the fan response so far, it seems like the wait was worth it.

Brooklyn Bowl at The Linq, 7 p.m. Nov. 10, starting at $28 plus fee. 702.862.2695