If you knew nothing about the artist Matisyahu other than what’s contained in his bio, you’d swear that he was concocted in Saturday Night Live’s digital-short laboratory: Jewish kid born Matthew Paul Miller, attends Hebrew school in New York as a youngster and begins to rebel as a teenager, when he becomes infatuated with genre-blending rock band Phish. Upon becoming a full-blown “Phish-head,” Miller discovers hallucinogens, does two stints in rehab, rediscovers his religion and adopts the alter-ego MC Truth.

Later, MC Truth (a vocalist/rapper/beatbox artist) morphs into Matisyahu (his given Hebrew name) and catches his first big break when his hero (Phish frontman Trey Anastasio) invites him onstage to perform two songs at the 2005 Bonnaroo Music Festival. Soon after, Matisyahu builds a loyal fan base, thanks to a unique musical style (a mix of reggae, alt-rock, hip-hop and beatboxing) and deep devotion to his faith (even incorporating some Hebrew and Yiddish into his lyrics).

Sounds like an SNL parody, right? Wrong. Matisyahu is the real deal—in fact, he’s released six studio albums since 2004 while also touring the world with three bandmates in Phish-like style, in which musical improvisation ensures that no two concerts are ever the same. See for yourself.

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