It’s that time of year again. Thanksgiving has arrived, the time when family and friends gather around the table and break bread. They also get together to share what they’re thankful for—good fortune, friendships, a raise at work, love and much more. And while we all celebrate our families and the things we’re thankful for, Las Vegas Magazine gave some of the Strip’s biggest stars the chance to talk about why they’re giving thanks this year.

“Mr. Piffles and I just extended our contract until the end of 2018 at the Flamingo, with almost 300 shows scheduled. So I’m thankful that Chihuahuas don’t understand the concept of pay raises. Or even pay.” –Piff, star of Piff the Magic Dragon Solo Show

“I’m thankful for my family, friends, supporters, colleagues and everyone that helps make this world a better place!”

Mat Franco, star of Mat Franco—Magic Reinvented Nightly

“I am thankful for love, health, and happiness; the most important things in life that can’t be bought.” –Criss Angel, star of CRISS ANGEL Mindfreak Live!

“The No. 3 thing I’m most thankful for is that they don’t have a ‘Best in Vegas Performer Ironman’ competition. The second thing I’m thankful for is being able to do what I love every night in front of the best fans in the world. But the thing I’m most thankful for is my beautiful wife Angie.” –Terry Fator

“This Thanksgiving I am thankful for the love and support of my family and friends—both those here with me in the U.S. as well as those at home in Australia. No matter what is happening in our lives or how far apart we are, my family and close friends are always there to share a laugh or provide an ear. (Or perhaps a few cold beverages on the right occasion!)” –Toby Allen of Human Nature

“This may sound cheesy, but every day I wake up, I say what I’m grateful for. I’m grateful for my loving family and for being blessed for another beautiful day.” –Lorena Peril, host of Fantasy

“I am very thankful for my family, my doggie, my health and the entire Carrot Top team. I am especially thankful to have a show in this awesome city of Las Vegas, which has stood together resilient and strong.” –Carrot Top, comedian

“I’m thankful for the warm welcome our show has received here in Las Vegas. Even beyond the glittering lights, Las Vegas really is a small town with a supportive community of artists.” –David Williamson, Ringmaster Willy Whipsnade in Circus 1903

“Thanksgiving is a time, if you’re lucky enough, where you sit around a table with loved ones and tell each other how thankful you are for the past year and for all those who are at your table. In our case, it’s a bit different. We have a huge table with all the people who come from all over the world and support us each and every year. We are so thankful to all of you who travel so far to see us and have made all of our dreams come true. We are thankful to our producers who make this whole thing possible. I am thankful to the musicians that surround me and make me look so good each and every night especially my children who now shine so brightly on their own. And, lastly, I’m thankful for my wife who has put up with me this long chasing this crazy dream. There are a lot of families that will be celebrating this year with empty chairs at their table; please don’t forget them and keep them in your prayers.” –YO’ Vinny of The Bronx Wanderers

“Thankful for being in this crazy, unique, brilliant city that is the entertainment mecca of the world and a playground for clowns like us. Thankful for getting to bring a new strain of idiocy and fun to this wonderful place. Also, thankful for tequila. Always. Happy Thanksgiving XX.” –Tom Green, comedian

“I am thankful for Vegas brunch. Where else can you wake up at the crack of 4:15 p.m. and get a perfectly poached Fabergé egg?” –The Gazillionaire, host of Absinthe

“I am thankful for the lives that were spared after the Las Vegas massacre and though I condemn the act I am thankful for the way it has brought the city together as one.” –Pete Peterkin, Ray Charles in Solid Gold Soul

“This Thanksgiving, and always, we are thankful for our family, fans and the continued support of the Las Vegas community.” –Nathan Morris of Boyz II Men

“Mostly I’m thankful for good health and the fact that I don’t have a job but a career that I love doing every day. As a performer and star of the Divas show at the Linq Hotel, I get to do comedy and make people laugh, which is another perk of my profession.” –Frank Marino, star of Frank Marino’s Divas Las Vegas

“I am thankful for family and friends and everyone in America who has maintained their sense of humor and loving kindness in these difficult times. –Cindy Williams, guest star in Menopause The Musical

“I am so thankful for the legend himself, The Gazillionaire! Not only, does he let me intern at his show and his home, but every Thanksgiving he treats me to seconds of direct eye contact.” –Wanda Widdles, The Gazillionaire’s assistant in Absinthe