Forget about the two gold albums and the 21 singles that landed on the charts (14 of which were Top 40 hits). Forget, too, about worldwide record sales in excess of 20 million and a legacy that spans six decades. The most remarkable accomplishment for American rock band The Grass Roots is the fact it has maintained a loyal following despite not releasing new material since 1982 and despite undergoing more makeovers than a department store cosmetics counter. No fewer than 13 adaptations of the band are pictured on the group’s website, and 44 musicians in all are credited as band members.

The lone constant for much of band’s existence—bassist, vocalist, songwriter, producer and leader Rob Grill, who joined in 1967, a year after the band formed, passed away in July 2011. Before his passing, though, Grill assembled a lineup intended to keep the music of The Grass Roots alive for years to come. That lineup—bassist Mark Dawson, drummer Joe Dougherty, guitarist Dusty Hanvey and keyboardist Larry Nelson—continues to proudly fly The Grass Roots’ flag from coast to coast, delighting fans with such hits as “Sooner or Later,” “Midnight Confessions” and “Let’s Live for Today.”

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