Start with “Que Sera.” The dense track has so many layers, but it feels so smooth. Wax Tailor, 42, released it in 2004, but it’s believable that is both of another time and timeless. The samples include “Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)” by Doris Day from 1956 and that damn street-nasty beat of Galt MacDermot’s “And He Will Not Come Again” from 2000. Every Wax Tailor song makes you dig deeper. It’s a fun musical puzzle to put together.

Tailor, aka Jean-Christophe Le Saoût, is a French producer and DJ who puts you in a vibe, specifically whatever vibe he wants you to feel. He performs trip-hop at a high level; it’s almost like his own genre at this point. Check out “The Way We Lived” for more evidence—the sultry vocals of Sharon Jones played against the swinging, jazzy back beats and the sharp strings, and just when you think you get it, a keyboard solo full of funk. It’s like a James Bond theme song on acid. Expect all this and more at his upcoming show, including solo songs and songs with guests. Each promises to be special.

Brooklyn Bowl at The Linq, 7 p.m. Nov. 30, starts at $18 plus fee, 18+. 702.862.2695