There’s always been a certain symphonic grandiosity to Evanescence’s music, even if the band never worked with full orchestras in the past. The rock group, led by singer Amy Lee, first hit airwaves with hard-charging hit “Bring Me to Life,” and 2003 debut album Fallen featured plenty of heavy guitars and aggressive riffs. But it was all anchored by Lee’s soaring, ethereal voice, with songs like hit ballad “My Immortal” built around her plaintive piano playing. The band’s subsequent albums balanced the sweeping, theatrical sounds of choirs and keyboards with distorted guitars, boasting further radio hits including “Call Me When You’re Sober,” “Lithium” and “What You Want.”

After an extended hiatus for solo work, Lee is back with a reconstituted Evanescence for the band’s forthcoming fourth album, Synthesis, which is due to be released on Nov. 10. Featuring a full orchestra and electronic elements, the album includes reimagined versions of past Evanescence hits as well as new songs, all incorporating the full sonic potential of the band’s new collaborators. For the accompanying tour, which kicks off in Vegas, Evanescence will be bringing along a live orchestra and electronic programming to augment the core band members, giving the music the grand, symphonic treatment it’s clearly always deserved.

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