Father John Misty–aka Josh Tillman–was on to something when he released 2015’s I Love You, Honeybear. In songs like “Bored in the USA” and “Holy Sh*t,” Tillman paints somber and seemingly hopeless pictures, pointing out contradictions that make the American dream seem a little more like a nightmare.

Tillman doubles down in latest album Pure Comedy, a scathing sermon that tackles the absurdity of life, slamming a trinity of politics, entertainment and religion for a full hour and fifteen minutes. Though it’s a departure from the palatable and less contentious songs that made him an indie darling, Pure Comedy is just as poetic (if not more so) and catchy, but more cynical. Tillman feels like an omniscient presence throughout the album, like a bearded narrator from the top of a mountain who can’t believe what he’s watching down below. It’s this persona that makes him so endearing onstage. His adversarial, often pretentious attitude possesses you, helping blur the line between art and entertainment.

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