LANY frontman Paul Klein recently told Billboard that the trio “want to be the biggest band in the world,” so you certainly can’t accuse him and his bandmates of lacking ambition. They’re not at that level yet, but considering that they just released their first singles in 2014 and didn’t put out a full-length album until earlier this year, they’re doing pretty well. The indie-pop group has built up a following by combining old-school and new-school promotional efforts, largely promoting their music online, via music videos and social media, without much radio support. But they’ve also toured relentlessly, for each of four EPs released before their self-titled debut album.

“We wanted to give people time to fall in love with us and discover (our music),” Klein told Billboard, and that strategy has worked out: LANY’s album debuted in the top 50 on the Billboard album charts and at No. 4 on the rock charts, an impressive feat for first-timers, especially without a hit single on the radio. The band continues to be active on social media and has tour dates lined up for months, proving that all the work they put into connecting with fans is continuing to pay off.

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