In April, Rompiendo Fronteras (“Breaking Borders”) became Alejandro Fernandez’s 10th album to top Billboard’s Latin Pop Albums chart, and his sixth No. 1 on the Latin Albums chart. The superstar is now tied with his legendary father Vicente in the latter category, although he’s long earned the right to be a performing ambassador for his home country during Mexican Independence Day celebrations.

It’s an honor most appropriate for Fernandez, who never stopped respecting tradition at his shows while delivering the Latin pop songs that made him famous. Rompiendo Fronteras adds sierreño music and reggaeton into the mix, with the requisite collaborations with hot acts that ensure the widest audience appeal. Fernandez was already blending styles and recording duets when the star broke through with 1997’s Me Estoy Enamorando, which contained a handful of hits, including “En El Jardin” with Gloria Estefan. While Fernandez divides his sets between contemporary and traditional material, his fans embrace both sides of “El Potrillo” with equal adoration.

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