Without question, it can be jarring when television viewers first realize the characters on their favorite shows are entirely different in their everyday lives. And that jarring can be especially violent when it’s a supposedly wholesome sitcom dad who sheds his on-screen persona in public. Imagine the reaction of Leave It to Beaver fans if they’d walked into a bar in the 1950s and seen Ward Cleaver pounding whiskies and chasing women like a sailor on shore leave. (Not our Ward—he’s so straight-laced!) Or if fans of Happy Days spotted Howard Cunningham walking out of the champagne room of a strip club. (Mr. C—how can you do that to Mrs. C?!? And what kind of an example are you setting for Richie, Ralph and Potsie?)

Which brings us to Bob Saget, who took the wholesome-TV-dad image to new heights when he played the widowed Danny Tanner on family-friendly Full House—only to obliterate that image every time he stepped onstage to deliver his decidedly unfamily-friendly stand-up act. Recently, Saget introduced a new generation to Danny Tanner in Netflix’s Full House reboot, Fuller House. Well, here’s a warning to that new generation (and a reminder to the old one): Just as Danny Tanner remains as wholesome as ever, Bob Saget’s stand-up act remains as blue (and funny!) as ever.

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