Ladies, tonight it’s all about you. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, getting hitched, getting over a divorce or just plain and simple need a serious girls night out, look no further than Magic Mike Live. Inspired by the hit films starring Channing Tatum, Magic Mike Live is not your average male revue. Lyndsay Hailey, the show’s emcee, describes the Las Vegas production as, “sexy, empowering and motivational.”

Hailey, an alumna of Second City National Touring Company in Chicago with more than 10 years of comedy experience under her belt, co-wrote Magic Mike Live with Tatum. “It’s been amazing (working with him). He lets everybody freely express themselves and play at the top of their intelligence,” she says. “What sets it apart from other shows is the female voice, and that was super important to Channing. It’s really about what women find sexy. The main thing he told me: ‘I want you to put you into the show.’” And indeed she did.

Inside the fictional Club Domina (a nod to the movies), Hailey calls upon her imaginary friend Unicorn (not the kind you had as a little girl but an adult one, with voiceover help from Tatum). Whatever Hailey wants, Hailey gets. Tired of seeing men dressed as firefighters and police officers? No problem. Opt for a man in jeans with a bare chest, and … poof! Just like that, not one but 13 dancers (off all different flavors) magically appear, ready to live out every woman’s fantasies. “Every night when I’m standing onstage and they turn to me and surf the crowd, I lose my breath every time. I’ve done this show over 180 times,” she chuckles. “I think it’s because I’m so excited about what’s about to happen. I love that part. It feels so powerful to be a part of that.”

Magic Mike Live is full of many surprises. “Everything from the dance numbers to the writing and the selection of songs—there’s so many females involved in this process,” Hailey says. “It’s mostly about what we actually want.” One lucky lady gets her feet rubbed by a dancer named (what else?) Mike; another gets seduced on top of the bar to 50 Cent’s “Candy Shop”; still another one straps on tight for a sky-high flight. Add in steamy lap dances, tantalizing stripteases, a wet-and-wild scene and one epic finale to bring everyone to their feet.

“The men are truly incredible,” she says. “It’s not an act for them. I feel like there is so much care taken on how the women are actually treated, what the men are saying. They’re making direct eye contact—you know, some little nuances that I feel are really different. Sort of like breaking boundaries forward. It’s a show about connection just as much as it is sexuality.”

Hard Rock Hotel, 8 & 10:30 p.m. Wed.-Sun., starting at $49 plus tax and fee, 18+. 800.745.3000 Ticketmaster