If writing about music is like dancing about architecture, then for Bros lead singer and Vegas headliner Matt Goss, talking about cocktails is like skiing about astronomy. And Goss readily admits that. “It’s hard to talk about cocktails, mate,” he says, grinning. He’s right. But honestly, cocktails aren’t what this is all about. Sure, 1 OAK nightclub’s bar manager, Skittles, and Goss have crafted a signature cocktail menu that is simple, elegant, delicious and ultimately fits the vibe of his residency at The Mirage. But all of that is meaningless without understanding the experience Goss wants to create for his audience.

“One thing about this show is it’s such a social experience. Everybody’s inclusive,” Goss says. “I encourage people to socialize, I encourage people to meet new people—it makes me happy.” The cocktails are just another piece of the equation that helps facilitate those interactions, allowing Goss to do what he does best: instilling a sense of camaraderie among those he works with and entertains. “I want everyone to come here and feel like they’re part of the gang,” he says, which is why there’s something for everybody to sip on the menu.

For those who are bold and enjoy Scotch whisky, there’s the Tuxedo—a twist on a Godfather—with Johnnie Walker Black, Disaronno and Luxardo maraschino liqueur. It’s also Goss’ personal favorite. Or if a creamy, comforting drink is preferred, the Dirty Virgin martini is exceptional. Skyy vodka, Frangelico, brown crème de cacao and Chambord makes for a sweet and dangerous concoction that Goss says he’d drink all night if no one was looking. There’s even a special nonalcoholic beverage for the sober cats, a mix of pineapple and cranberry juice, grenadine and Sprite. “Sometimes people don’t want to have a tall glass of orange juice or cranberry juice,” Goss says. “We wanted to create something that actually tastes (and looks) like you’re drinking alcohol.”

Other options on the menu, like the Matt Goss martini (gin or vodka, dry vermouth and a lemon twist), the Matt Goss mule (vodka, lime juice, blue agave nectar and ginger beer) and the Swing Royale (crème de cassis and sparkling wine), are slight, arguably unchanged twists on classic cocktails. But again, that’s not really the point. “I just feel like it’s an extension of the experience and the sense of occasion, that’s why there’s a twist,” Goss says. “Anything more than that, then you’re trying to reinvent the wheel.”

And that sense of occasion is what’s most important to Goss. “If I can be the maker of memories, then I’m a lucky man,” he says. “I will try my very best with my team, to keep the glamour and sense of occasion (in Las Vegas). When you walk into that room, I want you to feel like: I’m home, this is an entertainer that I like (and) I trust, he can sing his ass off, and, hopefully, get us a little bit tipsy while doing it.” Job done, Mr. Goss.

The Mirage, 7:30 p.m. Tues. & Fri.-Sun., starting at $25.99 plus tax and fee. 702.792.7777