“I don’t think I could stab somebody because I’m really bad at Capri Sun.” That’s a great joke and an excellent example of what Daniel Tosh can do at his best. He hits on both the thinking person’s turf and the darkness where most are afraid to go.

The comedian, who grew up in Florida, has been a favorite of audiences—and other comedians—for more than two decades. Now, 43, Tosh still packs a punch. There is an edge to jokes like this, “I dated a teacher in high school. Yeah. It didn’t make me cooler. And a lot of you are like, ‘That’s ’cause you were homeschooled.’” He pushes it even further, adding, “OK. Valid point. It doesn’t mean I’m a bad person. It just means, statistically, I’m smarter than you are. And I had game.”

Tosh is known for his show on Comedy Central, Tosh.0, in which he shows insane and wacky viral videos from the internet and mocks them relentlessly. The format has been so successful that knockoff shows have come and gone many times since Tosh.0 debuted in 2009. But his bones were made onstage and that is where he remains a force there today.