At a time when the singles charts are dominated by hip-hop and dance-pop artists, English indie band The 1975 is the rare rock act to still score mainstream hit singles. That is, of course, if you think of The 1975 as a rock band, which may vary depending on your perspective. The band creates music that can easily fit among the glossy pop of 2019, but they’re just as likely to put out a guitar-driven soft-rock song as a synth-heavy electro-pop anthem. That versatility makes The 1975 distinctive among current bands , whatever genre you want to label them.

It’s also has helped them reach a wide audience, from 2013 debut hit “Chocolate” to recent singles “Give Yourself a Try” and “Love It If We Made It” from 2018’s A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships. Although the last single from Brief Inquiry just came out a few months ago, the band is already set to release another album, Notes on a Conditional Form, this summer. For frontman Matty Healy, maintaining a personal connection is key, even as the band’s popularity rises. “The more honest I am, the more it seems to resonate with people,” he told Rolling Stone last year. Whatever he’s doing, it’s working.

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