Her last name is Campbell, but as with others who have reached the upper echelon in comedy, her fans know her simply by a single moniker. When you have an act that is so recognizably yours, all people need to hear is your first name.

If you haven’t seen Luenell before, she’s not for the faint of heart. Raw, dirty, blue—call it what you will—but she talks about just about everything onstage from feminine hygiene to the limits of her sexuality.

While she does this, the 60-year-old comic from Arkansas proves that age is just a number as she energetically acts out the material, adding a physical component that brings the laughs home even harder—a woman of her age manipulating her body into positions one wouldn’t expect, and certainly not in front of a crowd.

Speaking of Women of a Certain Age, Luenell is one of the stars of the recently released Showtime stand-up comedy special, showcasing female comics that have been getting it done onstage for decades.

She remains a popular character actor, having recently appeared in the blockbuster A Star Is Born, but her real draw is her live show, which is how she earned her Las Vegas residency, not to mention her name up in lights. Her first name, anyway.

SLS Las Vegas, 7 p.m. April 21, starting at $39 plus fee, tax included, 21+. 702.761.7000