Pop music styles and trends are constantly evolving, and what’s popular may be changing more quickly than ever. One thing that apparently never goes out of style, though, is the boy band. Whether it’s The Monkees or New Kids on the Block or the Backstreet Boys or One Direction, the singing group of clean-cut young men has been a staple of popular music for decades. The members of boy band Why Don’t We are too young to remember the heydays of most of those other groups, but they’re still following in their footsteps, racking up legions of impressionable fans with their smooth, catchy pop songs and boy-next-door good looks.

Since this is 2019, Why Don’t We’s star has largely risen via Spotify, YouTube and other online outlets. The group announced its formation in a 2016 YouTube video, and has had as much success collaborating with YouTube star Logan Paul as it has with pop star Macklemore. With hits like “Something Different,” “Trust Fund Baby” and “8 Letters,” WDW amassed a huge following before even releasing its debut album last year. In true boy-band fashion, the screaming fans might be louder than the music at a WDW concert, but that’s just one more thing that never seems to change.

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