It’s true that Cirque du Soleil’s follows a basic storyline involving twins who get separated and their effort to reunite, but the show is so captivating you may lose track of the story. That’s easy to understand, and to forgive.

is a masterful production, performed on a gigantic 360-degree rotating stage, with 80 artists demonstrating amazing physical skills including martial arts, archery, aerial acts and astonishing acrobatics performed on a nearly perpendicular wall. Puppets and videos add to the fun and you’ll even get a laugh or two during the “sea creature” lively appearance.

There are many of these special moments in but the “Wheel of Death” number may be one of the most mesmerizing, leaving you gasping as acrobats perform death-defying tricks. Basically, there are six “wheels,” rotating high above the stage with performers running inside, on top and around the wheels. Incredibly, one of the artists, while atop of the wheels, skips rope while jumping high in the air then landing back on the wheel.

No matter how far you follow the story, you’re bound to be impressed by ’s theatrical experience.

MGM Grand 7 & 9:30 p.m. Sat.-Wed., starting at $69 plus tax and fee. 702.531.3826