When the creators of seminal teen drama The O.C. wanted to give geeky main character Seth Cohen (played by Adam Brody) some hipster cred, they made him a huge fan of indie rockers Death Cab for Cutie, putting the band’s poster on his bedroom wall, playing multiple Death Cab songs on the show’s soundtrack and eventually booking the band for a performance at the show’s teen hangout The Bait Shop. Death Cab made Seth Cohen cool, and The O.C. helped bring Death Cab into the mainstream, turning them into the quintessential indie rockers of the ’00s.

It helped that the band led by Ben Gibbard had a string of hits, including “The Sound of Settling,” “I Will Follow You Into the Dark,” “Soul Meets Body” and “I Will Possess Your Heart,” influencing a generation of future Seth Cohens. Those brooding teens are now adults, and Death Cab has matured with them. The band’s latest album, 2018’s Thank You for Today, is the first without founding guitarist Chris Walla, but Gibbard continues to push forward. The Independent said that Gibbard and his bandmates “rediscover their fundamental magic” on “the most immersive alt-rock album you’ll hear all year.” Seth Cohen would be proud.

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