Florence Welch gets the majority of attention as the face of indie-pop band Florence + the Machine, and rightfully so: Her ethereal voice, arty style and stage presence have made the band into a hugely popular arena draw, able to straddle the line between mainstream pop and more artistically driven personal expression.

But Welch wouldn’t be where she is today without the Machine, the musicians she’s worked with since starting the group with her friend Isabella Summers in 2007. Summers is the one who was first nicknamed “Machine,” and she’s been behind the keyboards since the band’s debut, working as co-writer with Welch on a number of songs. Welch has also worked with plenty of the top songwriters and producers, crafting hits like “Kiss With a Fist,” “Spectrum” and “No Light, No Light.” For 2018’s High as Hope, Welch co-produced with hip-hop and pop veteran Emile Haynie, crafting an album that Rolling Stone called “an ambitious, experimental LP.” Since then, the band dropped two new songs in January, and has been performing new single “Moderation” at recent live shows.

As Welch’s star continues to rise, the Machine remains in place behind her.

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