It can be easy for the children of celebrities to coast on their parents’ famous names, to pursue careers in entertainment without talent or vision, just because they can. But siblings Jaden and Willow Smith, children of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, have worked hard to use their inherited platforms for challenging art and social activism, even at the risk of seeming pretentious or strange.

The Smith siblings have been acting and making music since they were kids, and although they’re barely adults now (Jaden is 21 and Willow is 19), they’re already industry veterans, supporting their respective second and third full-length albums with their first collaborative tour.

Jaden’s album Erys, released in July, features appearances from hip-hop stars Tyler the Creator, Kid Cudi and ASAP Rocky, along with Willow. Jaden returned the favor by guesting on Willow’s self-titled album, released just two weeks later. All Music called Erys “an immersive experience that finds Jaden at his most vulnerable, , processing his messy young adult feelings into a relatable and sonically exciting way,” and NME called Willow “proof that Willow’s talented enough to stand apart from her dynastic family.” Together, the Smith siblings are making sure that no one mistakes them for spoiled celebrity spawn.

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