It’s seductive! It’s hypnotic! It’s Zumanity, the adults-only spectacle from Cirque du Soleil. An alluring exploration of human sexuality, Zumanity is celebrating 16 years as New York-New York’s signature production.

Mistress of Sensuality Edie is your host for an evening of erotic pleasures, outrageous comedy and acrobatic spectacle. The towering enchantress and her naughty minions welcome you to a lush cabaret inspired by the Moulin Rouge. Relax as your deepest fantasies come alive.

Zumanity’s cast is as varied as it is exotic. All shapes, ages and persuasions are represented in acts of physical prowess and beauty. Two female divers discover romance at the bottom of a giant goldfish bowl. A martial arts match takes an unexpected turn and a rose-wielding spy grows too hot for his tuxedo. When things reach a boiling point, “sexperts” Dick and Izzy cool things down with their comical take on mating rituals.

Backed by live musicians and sultry vocals, Zumanity hits all the right buttons ... and just may open a few along the way. So check your inhibitions at the door and discover the pleasures of Zumanity.

New York-New York, 7 & 9:30 p.m. Fri.-Tues., $69-$105 plus tax and fee, $125 plus tax and fee for duo sofas (sold in pairs only), 18+. 866.606.7111