Last year it was Guyana that made a huge impression on Dan Cox. This year it might be Bangladesh, Myanmar, Tanzania or Madagascar. “I literally book a round-trip ticket, pack a backpack and go and figure it out when I land,” says Cox, who tries to leave the country at least three times per year and, “I try and never go to the same place twice.” The only continents Cox has left to visit are Africa and Antarctica.

Besides his passion for travel, the Dublin, Calif., native, and eight-year resident of Las Vegas devotes a lot of his time to health and nutrition. Cox currently operates five stores—four in Vegas and one in Palmdale, Calif.—called Total Nutrition that provide nutrition, weight loss and vitamin supplements. He also stocks his own brands of supplements, MetCon, Wellthy and Detox Tea Caps. “I created my lines because within the certified products I saw voids that I wanted to fill with all-natural, mostly vegan, Paleo-friendly, gluten-, soy- and dairy-free products using zero artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors,” he says.

Now, if you’re thinking to yourself that besides the wow factor of his adventurous and health-conscious life there’s something really familiar about Cox, well, you’d be right. He was on Season 9 of The Bachelorette and Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise. “The exposure of being on reality TV, it was a surreal experience, before and after,” Cox says. But he hasn’t left the public eye completely—you can still follow his life by way of Instagram.

“It’s just a well-rounded sense of living in Las Vegas, having an athletic lifestyle, traveling, being outdoors and running a number of businesses,” says Cox, as he explains what he posts to his Instagram profile.

And, he adds, “In this day and age there’s no privacy, everything is public. So, if it’s one of those things that people can gain value out of following me, or enjoy (my profile), or I can inspire them in some way—it’s worth it.”

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