Melanie Campoy’s adventurous side is certainly something to be admired. This past winter she backpacked solo through Southeast Asia—including Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia—for two months. Campoy, who recently received her advanced diver’s certificate, spent her time diving. “I could totally just live on a beach and be a diving instructor,” she said.

But for now, you can find Campoy working as a model cocktail server at the city’s newest nightclub, Omnia at Caesars Palace. “Omnia is like the big kid on campus; everyone wants to be friends with him,” Campoy said. And Omnia is impressive, both in terms of size (witness the gigantic, interactive chandelier that lords over the main dance floor) and in experience.

In a nightclub like Omnia, the service is just as grand as the environment, and Campoy is one of the people making sure that level of service is met. “First impression is everything. You really want to set the pace,” she said. “I make it a point to be dancing when my guests walk up to the (VIP table) so it’s not stiff and awkward. It gets them ready to have fun, too. If you start off on that good foot, it’s smooth sailing.”

Melanie Campoy FWB

Melanie Campoy FWB

Just as her guests enjoy a night at Omnia, so does Campoy, even though she’s technically at work. “Sometimes I step back from making my guests’ drinks, look around and I’m like, ‘This is my job, I can’t believe this!’” she said. For Campoy, life on land or in water is certainly one unforgettable adventure.

Dom Pérignon Vintage

All eyes will turn to the table that orders a bottle of Dom Pérignon Vintage Magnum champagne. Delivery comes by way of an aerialist who drops from the ceiling, or by costumed servers that make a party train toward your table. Campoy says she loves getting into costume to deliver bottles. She’s donned everything from a bear getup from the movie Ted 2 to a Minion costume.