One might be hesitant at to sit at the bar and order a drink. Bound, the Cromwell’s lobby bar, serves some of the finest cocktails in the city—created by one of the world’s most respected mixologists, Salvatore Calabrese, Will the cocktails be over the top? Will the bartenders be arrogant? But here, it’s just the opposite. The cocktail journey is an amazing and accessible one, and those creating the beverages couldn’t be more welcoming, like bartender Derek Crow.

“There’s no reason to be pretentious behind the bar,” Crow said. “Yes, we have a killer cocktail list, some of the most well-balanced I’ve ever had and made in my whole life. But it’s also my job to be humble, (to) make sure my guests have a good time and enjoy themselves.”

Crow, a native of Casper, Wyo., moved to Las Vegas four years ago to fully immerse himself in the bartending industry. His skills are half self-taught (“I read a lot of books, asked a lot of questions”) and half learned in the different bartending positions he’s held. Crow has been with The Cromwell since its doors opened, bartending at various venues around the property before joining Bound eight months ago.

“There’s always a constant growth in this industry. There’s always someone out there trying to change the game,” he explained. “I’m constantly learning; I love being challenged. Whether here at Bound, in Vegas or wherever, bartending is definitely something that I want to do for a long time to come.”

All Elyx'd Up

All Elyx'd Up

All Elyx’d Up

While Salvatore Calabrese created the cocktail menu, recently Crow was given a shot to create a new one himself. The result: All Elxy’d Up, now added to the menu as a signature item. Served in a copper cup, the libation mixes ABSOLUT.® Elyx vodka, vanilla almond milk, pineapple gomme syrup, Velvet Falernum liqueur, lemon juice and muddled apricot. The taste: milky and sweet, with hints of apricot shining through at the finish.

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