Cisco Torres has broken the proverbial glass ceiling. He’s the first—both at Ghostbar Dayclub and the Palms—male model cocktail server. “If a woman can do it, why can’t I?” he says. “So I told myself, I’m just gonna go for it.” When applying to work at GBDC again this season he put together a collage of his photos from last year when he worked as a busser. He would get dressed up for the themes and even wore costumes, and guests would always ask him to be in their pictures. So this year, he decided that he’d go for the server position.

“I hope male cocktail servers become a trend. I hope that it becomes accepted,” says the Las Vegas native. While he admits that sometimes he gets the craziest looks because it’s so unusual for a cocktail server to be male, for the most part, it’s been a success.

Torres has a lot of experience in the food and beverage industry, having worked as everything from a host, cashier and busser to a bartender and server. He began his career with Station Casinos and joined Palms Pool two years ago. When the pool season ended, he applied for the winter day club, now in its sixth season.

“GBDC is a crazy, one-of-a-kind party,” Torres says. “Everyone should experience it. There’s different themes, costumes. It’s vibrant, upbeat—never a dull moment. I’ve seen a kiddie pool with girls getting sprayed with champagne, a crazy bachelor party next to a crazy bachelorette party, famous people just showing up. I see young. I see old. Locals, tourists. Everyone!”

And Torres is smack-dab in the middle of it, helping raise the roof even higher since breaking through the ceiling.

Emoji Bomb

The Emoji Bomb specialty cocktails represent the fun atmosphere of GBDC. Guests can order one to kick their partying into high gear as it’s filled with a choice of Jägermeister or vodka and Monster Energy drink. If you order an Emoji Bomb, you’ll get a token to use on the new claw machine. Prizes include free drinks, bottle service and even a one-night stay in the Hardwood Suite. On Dec. 31, guests can get wild way before midnight as GBDC throws its “NYE During the Day” party. Highlights include countdowns from around the world, champagne toasts and DJs Seany Mac and Mark Stylz keeping the beats hot and heavy.