Beauty and brains is one way of describing Ashley Oglesby; hard worker and dedicated to her staff is another. As the restaurant operations manager for Searsucker at Caesars Palace, Oglesby is the whole package.

Her first job in the industry was hostess, being the first face guests would see when walking into some of the city’s most popular restaurants. Upon graduating with a degree in hospitality from UNLV, Oglesby combined skills with determination, climbing the ladder into banquet and events management. She joined Hakkasan Group a couple years ago—putting together events for the company’s portfolio of restaurants, including Searsucker. A year ago she was promoted to her current position.

“I’m pretty much responsible for everything from the second the door opens till it closes,” she said. “From every single guest and employee issue, I’m responsible.” It’s a role she’s adjusting well to, facing the responsibilities head on.

“As a manager, you have to be understanding,” she explained. “You have to show leadership. You do have to have a good heart. You have to be fun and you do have to be able to have a good time; you can’t always be serious. If (my staff) has a problem or if there is something that they need, I’m always there. I’m very reliable; I’m not forgetful. They know they can always come to me.”

See? The whole package.

Honey Nut Sour

Oglesby doesn’t just work at Searsucker, she’s truly a big fan of the restaurant’s food, too. She suggests a few of her fave dishes: bone marrow appetizer, calamari steak and the short ribs. And Searsucker’s signature cocktail menu is just as fabulous as the food. Fairly new to the menu and quickly becoming a fan favorite is the Honey Nut Sour. It’s mixed with Slow & Low Rock and Rye whiskey, cinnamon, hazelnut, honey, egg whites and walnut bitters. And yes, those are Honey Nut Cheerios for the garnish!