At Davidoff of Geneva Cigar Bar at Fashion Show you can smoke a cigar, sip a cocktail, lounge Stripside and listen to general manager Andrew Burgoyne sing some jazz while he plays the piano. Well, three out of four ain’t bad.

Burgoyne comes from a family of jazz musicians, and even has his own album on Spotify and iTunes, but he no longer performs. In fact, Burgoyne hasn’t performed for many, many years. “I wanted more control of my own fate,” said the East Coast native, noting the music industry was too uncertain. “I wanted to have a career I could count on.”

So Burgoyne started bartending in New York at some of the city’s hottest nightclubs, then he moved to L.A. for a change of scenery; that’s when he got into the management side of food and beverage. “When I decided to go full throttle into management, that’s when I moved to Las Vegas,” he said. To date, Burgoyne has helped open and establish many F&B programs on the Strip, but recently wanted a more intimate, less corporate experience, so he joined Davidoff last May. “My goal is to oversee five or six of these in the next five years, in Las Vegas,” he said. “That’s my personal goal.

“My job is to make this place the best it can be, a place people want to enjoy. You come here and you can relax. You can smoke a cigar. You can have a great cocktail. You can enjoy the Strip. You can listen to music.” (Just don’t ask Burgoyne to sing.)

Nuestra Old Fashioned and Oro Blanco

Cigar ambassadors and bartenders can help make your experience at Davidoff a memorable one. Browse the cigar offerings, peruse the cocktail menu, or take their suggestion of pairing the Nuestra Old Fashioned with an Oro Blanco cigar. The aromatic, smooth-flavored cocktail is a blend of Michter’s rye, Bauchant orange liqueur, brown cinnamon sugar and bitters. The cigar is the rarest one ever crafted by the Davidoff brand—medium body and smooth and light, with a rich nuttiness.