What does the field of nursing have in common with cocktail serving at a pool club? A lot, actually, according to Brittney Hevle, cocktail server at Bare Pool Lounge at The Mirage. “With nursing you have to be able to be personable and be comfortable with people you don’t know,” she said. “Nursing, you make an impact in people’s lives and hopefully give them a good experience. It’s all the same at Bare. I think they do collide, in very different ways, but the same concept.”

Hevle is currently finishing her studies to become a nurse while working four days a week at the European-style sunbathing, 21-and-over pool club. “I love children,” Hevle said. “I want to work in the NICU or pediatrics—it’s always been something that I wanted to do.”

She also made it a goal, when she turned 21, to work at a dayclub or nightclub on the Strip. Although she started in the nightclub industry, last year Hevle enjoyed her first season at Aria’s Liquid Pool Lounge. This season is her first at Bare. “I like working at pool clubs more than nightclubs because you get to be more personal, build a better rapport with guests,” she said. “You spend all day getting to know them.”

In a city where every pool lounge has something different and exciting to offer, Hevle said Bare stands out, thanks to how special it makes its guests feel. “Our job is to provide that good customer service; we provide the party. We are a more intimate venue, so guests come back over and over again because of the staff and how much fun they had. We don’t have big-name DJs so people come for us and the experience.” Sounds like the perfect prescription for a good time.

Bull in a Banana Shop

The flavors in this cocktail are just as playful as the name itself. Bull in a Banana Shop is one of Bare’s new specialty cocktails this season and is mixed with Grey Goose vodka, banana liqueur, lemonade and Red Bull Orange Edition energy drink. Guests can also imbibe a selection of mojitos, margaritas, frozen cocktails, adult root beer floats, and even order cocktails by the pitcher and in souvenir cups.