Emily Yett’s career has been on the rise since she landed in Vegas six years ago. “I decided to move to Vegas with the bartending experience that I had, and become the best flair bartender in the world,” said the Southern California native. But when she got here, she couldn’t get a bartending job “to save my life,” she said.

So she started as a barback and worked her way up—eventually flairing at Flamingo and The D hotels. After a couple of years, though, she changed directions. “I wanted flair to be my secret weapon as opposed to having to flair everything,” Yett said. So, she got back into craft cocktails, helping open Bound at The Cromwell and then moving to industry favorite Herbs and Rye, where she was the bar’s first female bartender. Then, “sometimes you have to stir up your life again to move forward,” she said. That’s when she applied to Primrose at Monte Carlo, where she’s currently the assistant restaurant manager and cocktail program manager.

Yett joined the Primrose team before the doors opened and spent months putting together the cocktail program, 18 “simple, classic cocktails done in a different way,” she said.

Ask Yett about finding relatively quick success in a city where bartenders can spend years climbing the ladder, and her reply is humble: “It’s one of those things where you put your head down and keep working until someone says, ‘Hey look up, look at what you did.’ I feel like there’s more work to be done.”

Lavender Sgroppino

Not only is this Italian-influenced cocktail visually pleasing, but the taste is fresh and delicious. “A lot of the cocktails have simple, fresh ingredients that are familiar, but we’re presenting them in a unique way,” Yett said, adding that the Lavender Sgroppino is a great cocktail to have with brunch, and is perfect for cleansing the palate as well. It’s mixed with Absolut Elyx vodka, Prosecco, house-made lavender syrup, crème de violette and lemon sorbet balls.

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