Danny Curro is a Las Vegas success story. In 2003 he left his hometown of Oneida, N.Y., and moved to Vegas, never having visited before and having no job lined up for when he got here. But just three weeks later, he was working at Las Vegas’ hottest nightclub at the time, Pure at Caesars Palace.

He started out as a busser, but two years later helped open LAX nightclub at Luxor, after which he subsequently helped to open Vanity Nightclub at Hard Rock Hotel. He continued to climb the nightlife ladder all the way from bussing tables to management.

About three years ago, he joined Chateau Nightclub & Rooftop at Paris, where he’s currently the general manager. Besides being at the venue every night it’s open and taking care of scheduling, events, day-to-day operations and corporate responsibilities, Curro also oversees a staff of more than 100 employees. “I honestly like being around the staff (with) the camaraderie we share,” he said.

When you ask Curro to reflect on his rapid rise and what it’s like to achieve that in a city known for its nightlife, he said, “It’s very humbling. I came out (here) and I worked hard and it kinda worked out for me. I got lucky, I guess. But I’ve always worked hard. I’ve had jobs since I was 12 years old. Work for me—I get bored if I’m not working. … We really do everything top-notch here—Vegas just offers that standard ... and we always deliver.”

The Moët Machine

There’s only a few Moët & Chandon champagne vending machines in the entire country, and Chateau Nightclub has one of the them. The novelty machine dispenses chilled bottles of Imperial Brut and Imperial Rosé champagne. Guests pay for the libation at the bar and in return receive a golden coin, which they use to purchase a bottle from the vending machine. It’s a fun way to get your drink on, but it’s also rare, making it a great social media post.