A new year, a new you. How about a new year, a more beautiful, healthier, more fantastic-feeling you? That's possible thanks to Tracy Brennan, owner and president of Kalologie MedSpa at Aria. "Our platform is to really encompass everything that is going to help someone look and feel their best," says the L.A. native.

Brennan launched her Kalologie brand in 2004 in L.A. To date she has locations in California, Arizona, Texas and Colorado; Las Vegas is the eighth location. "When we first envisioned the company we looked at lots of ways to make these non-invasive treatments more accessible ... with minimal downtime," Brennan says. "People are looking for nonsurgical options and things of that nature, so that was really the impetus for it—how could we do that and make it convenient?"

Guests to MedSpa can choose from treatments like injectables, laser treatments, skin tightening, IV therapy and CoolSculpting. Since opening, Brennan says a real popular pick has been the lip-filler treatment, as well as the new AquaGold treatment, "it's truly a red-carpet treatment—you could do it this morning and you look fabulous tonight,"she says.

You'll see Brennan at Kalologie along with her team of registered nurses, medical doctors and nurse practitioners. "For me, working with so many talented people in this industry, we continue to learn just so much about new things that are coming out_new developments, new modalities, new techniques," she says. "It's just so dynamic, and I love helping people feel great about themselves. That part is just really rewarding."

Product: Kalologie

Not only will you reap the benefits of Brennan's Kalologie products that are used in many of the treatments offered, but you can take a piece of the spa experience home with you by purchasing some of the brand's products. A few faves of Brennan's include: the Infuse Antioxidant Serum, which provides a lightweight hydration and plumping effect; the Envision Eye Cream, which targets all three eye-area concerns like dark circles, puffiness and fine lines and wrinkles; and the Replenish Cellular Night Repair Cream, perfect for dry skin and dry climates. The rich cream penetrates and sinks right into the skin.