What childhood experience had the most impact on the adult you’ve become?

I remember when I was about 7 years old, my dad brought home a piece of pinup artwork and hung it in our living room. I was so enthralled with this painting. I asked if the woman depicted was a real person or just someone the artist created. My dad told me that it was Bettie Page, a famous pinup model. I remember saying something like, “So she gets to play dress-up in costumes for a job?” And when I heard the answer was yes, I must have asked like a dozen times to confirm, because I was in shock that that was a real thing! I said, “I'm gonna do that when I grow up!” In high school I kept that same painting of Bettie Page in my binder. When I was 18 I posed for the same artist who made the painting—Olivia De Berardinis. In my Playmate of the Year shoot (Playboy magazine, 2011) I re-created that painting. If I had never seen that photo my life would be completely different! It planted the seed in my head for what would become the theme of my entire career.

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