What major life decision would you change if you could—and why?

I was already a magician when I met my wife. She was a volunteer from the audience. I made her chosen card appear from the fly of my pants. The first 15 years we were together we agreed that because of my schedule (I was on the road 200 days per year), our future family would be limited to the two of us. I didn’t get to see my wife enough, and we didn’t want to have a child that I wasn’t there to watch grow up.

After we were married we moved from our hometown of Louisville, Ky., to Los Angeles so I could pursue my performing career. My wife became a marriage and family therapist and I continued to leave home a lot. She traveled with me some. We were happy.

After 10 years in L.A., the opportunity to have my own show in Vegas presented itself. Immediately we began rethinking our life plan. We decided that now that I was home, maybe we should have a baby.

Our daughter turned 16 (recently). When I think about all the joy, happiness, and delight she’s brought to our lives, I do sometimes wish we hadn’t made the decision to wait so long to bring her into the world. But mostly I’m just happy we have her now.

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