What moment from your childhood had the greatest impact on the adult you’ve become from a personal perspective?

I think the most pivotal moment from my childhood happened to me was when my adopted parents died when I was 6 and 9 years old—my mother first with breast cancer and my father later on with lung cancer. Being adopted as well as an only child, I was given everything I asked for. My parents spoiled me and bought me anything and everything a child could want, but when they passed, I went to live with my godparents, which put me in a family as the youngest of five children, where I immediately had to learn the word “share.”

That, on top of the fact I saw family members cleaning out my home of all possessions, psychologically had an effect on me where I have a fear of losing things, and hold on to things I own that have great sentimental value. My friends tell me I’m an organized hoarder, but I tell them, “Darling, when you’re rich and famous, the correct word is ‘eccentric.’” LOL. I’m sure any woman reading this would agree and tell you, you can never have too many pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes.

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