Editor's note: Whitney Cummings canceled her upcoming performances at the Rio due to the wildfires in California. Refunds for her Nov. 13 performance will be available at the original point of purchase.

Everything is different now for Whitney Cummings. The comedian, writer and actress has always used her single lady status and the misadventures of her romantic life as fodder for her standup act. But just months ago, she got engaged. Now what?

“I got a little nervous. Should I quit comedy now?” she says. “But then not even 48 hours later I already had so many ideas for new jokes, I thought, this is great for stand-up. I should have done this earlier.”

You may not catch those engagement jokes this week at the Comedy Cellar Las Vegas as Cummings returns for a performance on Nov. 13. She likes to home in on her writing before she tests new comedy concepts on a live audience and these gigs are prep for a Netflix special she’s shooting later this month.

This is your second run at the new Comedy Cellar at the Rio. What do you think of the venue?

It’s my favorite club in New York City so when they said they were opening in Vegas, I thought, what a cool thing to do. Normally I’ve played at the Venetian or at bigger venues in Las Vegas so it’s exciting to actually see the people in the audience. I love performing in Vegas but sometimes when it’s a couple thousand people, I wonder if you can even see the comedian from the back row or if they’re just looking at the screens. People in Vegas deserve to see comics up close. It’s one thing to see Celine and Britney and pay all this money for these big shows, but sometimes comedy is at its best it a smaller, more intimate venue.

I bet Las Vegas is a great place to test material for your upcoming Netflix special.

I always come to Vegas. It’s just a great cross-section of people from all over the world and every different age so you know if the material works, it’s going to be universal. Vegas is my favorite place to make sure it’s actually funny to everyone, not just blue state or red state. And this hour I’m doing at the Rio, there’s absolutely no politics in it so no one is going to get triggered. If nothing else, it’s nice to give people a rest from that for a while, especially in Vegas where you don’t always want to think about the apocalypse.

Is that a challenge these days, to avoid jokes about politics and the president?

Maybe for some but it’s never been what I talk about. I like to create a space for you to come in and laugh. I don’t want to polarize people. In my opinion comedy is supposed to bring people together and it may be the only thing besides sports where you can sit with a bunch of strangers and have something in common: You’re all laughing at the same thing. In a time when so many of us disagree on so many things I think it can be healing to be in a room full of strangers and feel like you’re getting along.

Is your fiancé looking forward to your new material that will almost certainly be about him?

I think he knows what he signed up for. The craziest thing is he’s never seen me do stand-up live. I figured I’d get the ring first then let him come. He saw my last HBO special but never live. I do have a couple jokes about and yeah, he’s gonna feel it. But I don’t think a comedian should be censored in any way and that’s not the brand I’ve built. People who know me know I don’t hide anything and I’m certainly not going to stop just because I’m getting married.

I’m sure it will have a significant impact on your comedy in a lot of ways.

I have so many girlfriends who are comics and have been married and had kids and they just get funnier. It’s important to have women out there talking about the not sexy parts of their lives, being married, having kids, and it’s cool to be able to talk about subjects that our male counterparts aren’t talking about. Ali Wong is amazing, she’s a friend of mine and she’s done a couple comedy specials now while she was pregnant. She’s not going to stop being funny; it’s the opposite. I cannot wait to get pregnant now so I can get a new special out of it.