The Terry Bradshaw Show returns to Luxor this month with one of football’s most accomplished quarterbacks taking the stage for a unique blend of music, storytelling, comedy and audience interaction on Oct. 22 and 29. After a successful initial run in August, Bradshaw is at home and comfortable singing and sharing in the Atrium Showroom, where his producer Anita Mann’s Fantasy also resides. I caught up with the Fox Sports analyst and occasional actor to discuss his new entertainment opportunity.

You performed a different show at The Mirage a few years ago. Was Anita Mann involved?

Yes. My manager, before he retired, knew I wanted to do a storytelling, song-singing show, something for Broadway or at local theaters in various cities, and he introduced me to Anita. She didn’t know I could sing, or I guess what I should say is that I’m not afraid to attempt to sing. But she took the show to The Mirage, where it was America’s Favorite Dumb Blonde: A Life in Four Quarters, which is a long title but catchy. Now it’s just The Terry Bradshaw Show and we’ve sliced out a lot of dialogue, edited it down to 70 minutes and added more songs.

What was it like taking the Vegas stage for the first time?

Petrifying. I opened in this elevator that came up through the floor with smoke going everywhere, and I’m screaming like a preacher: “Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls!” When you come up out of the floor looking at 2,200 people—oh my god. How am I gonna remember all of this show? It was just nerve-wracking. I had dinner with Henry Winkler recently and we were talking about this, and he said, “Well, that’s normal. You have doubts, you think you’re gonna mess up, and that’s how the show is.” But I had to do it.

Is it more comfortable in the smaller room at Luxor?

I know I’ll have a lot of fun doing this show with this crowd, and I think it’s going to be more intimate. I’m going to get out into the crowd for the last song, and it’s gonna be really fun. Unless they’re throwing stuff at me—then I don’t think I’ll go down there.

You competed on a recent season of The Masked Singer. Did that help?

That was brutal. Thankfully, there’s no mask here, I’m just out there singing. I’ve been doing some shows with a gospel group and I sang three times in the last two years at the Grand Ole Opry in front of some big crowds.

What are your thoughts on the NFL coming to Las Vegas?

I love it. Las Vegas is really a family town now. It’s beautiful. People live lives here. It’s not just that you go out to Vegas to have fun or go to a convention. There’s a great family atmosphere. And I find it to be perfect timing, because the NFL has evolved over the last 25 years. The NFL will be exciting and very well received, a smash hit. As a matter of fact, I’m in the process of buying four seats from Howie Long’s son to be a season ticket holder, and I’m going to send people out there.