When the wife of maestro of bartending Salvatore Calabrese told him he had to eat breakfast, he came up with his own solution. Instead of fixing eggs and toast, he took his favorite orange marmalade and mixed it with gin for a breakfast martini. Touché.

That’s the kind of bartender Calabrese is, and you can find cocktails like that at Bound by Salvatore, his new bar at The Cromwell, where he created the drink lineup. The circular bar has the refined feel of a luxurious library, complete with leather sofas and a rare liquor collection housed at one end.

Take his Spicy Fifty, a staple on his menus at places such as Salvatore’s at 14 Old Park Lane in London’s Mayfair district and Mixology101 in Beverly Hills. It’s sweet, with flavors of honey, elderflower and vanilla, but spicy from the thin slices of red chili. Sounds simple, but it’s the combination of flavors that make the subtle differences, with none too intense. Calabrese’s Bunny Bubbles, named for London’s Playboy Club where he had a bar, brings together champagne, pomegranate and a little raspberry purée for something that tickles your nose and your fancy.

Other drinks were created just for Bound, such as The Cromwell Fizz, a twist on the French 95 with Macallan Fine Oak scotch topped with Moët & Chandon Impérial champagne.

While all these concoctions are worthy of ordering, it’s his espresso cocktails made especially for The Cromwell that should really perk you up. Calabrese knew that Vegas had a reputation as a city that never sleeps, so he brewed coffees, mixed them up in cocktails, then served them in an Italian Moka pot that’s frozen. The Keep Me Awake Bro has Peroni beer-flavored espresso while the Never Say Goodnight has a Red Bull-flavored espresso.

Order them early in the morning or late at night. Either way, you’re bound to find something you like.

The Cromwell, 4 p.m.-2 a.m. daily. 702.777.3777