Nancy Nichols

Occupation: General manager of Neiman Marcus at Fashion Show

What kind of handbag? Black Fendi tote

What does your handbag say about you? Stylish, professional, classic.

What’s the most important thing in your handbag? My dad’s wedding ring, for sentimental reasons. My father passed away three years ago and my mom gave me the ring after his passing. I keep it with me as a part of him.

How about the most surprising thing? My dad’s wedding ring?

What was the first handbag you carried that was memorable? A Dooney & Bourke bag when I was 19. It was my first designer handbag purchase!

Name eight items in your handbag and why you must carry them:

1. Lipstick. No explanation needed.

2. Readers. Same.

3. My Starbucks Gold Card for my daily trenta iced green tea.

4. AmEx. It’s good everywhere.

5. Altoids. No explanation needed.

6. EOS lip balm. Braving the desert dryness requires it.

7. Tums. No explanation needed.

8. Business cards. You never know when you may make a new connection!

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