Product photo by Christopher DeVargas, model photo by Robert John Kley; Hair and makeup by Sarah Redzikowski; Makeup assistant: Edith Jimenez; Model: Kylie/No Ties Management

Using liquid liner can be intimidating but fear no longer. With extra-crisp lines and no need for sharpening, these liners are worth the learning curve. Liquid liners generally wear longer than their counterparts, with some even being waterproof.

Instead of only using the very end of the felt tip or brush, use the liner parallel to your lash line and pull from the inside out in small strokes. If you’d like to try a wing, from the outer corner of your eye, bring a small line up and out at a slight angle. You can complete the liner by creating a triangle to connect the line you’ve brought out back into the liner at the outer edge of your lash line. Remember, practice makes perfect, so you may need a couple of tries to get it right.

1. MAC Cosmetics Liquidlast liner—Point Black ($20), MAC at The Forum Shops at Caesars

2. Charlotte Tilbury The Feline Flick Quick Fine Line Shodo Pen ($30),

3. ShiseidoAutomatic fine eyeliner—Black ($29), Nordstrom at Fashion Show

4. StilaStay All Day waterproof liquid eye liner—Black ($22), Sephora at Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort

5. HourglassVoyeur waterproof liquid liner ($34), Sephora at Miracle Mile Shops