Why has Las Vegas become popular for shopping?

Nowhere else but Las Vegas has such a large breadth of shopping options in such a small concentrated area that’s as easy and really fun to explore as we have on the Strip. I think Las Vegas provides many visitors an opportunity to shop multiple stores that may not be available in their hometown or to experience to some of their favorite brands in new ways and in one of the many of the beautiful flagship stores we have here.

Are there any trends you’ve seen emerge?

Unique textures always catch my attention and lately I’ve noticed a lot of straw and bamboo, suede, crochet and even feathers in shoes, accessories and some apparel this season, so I think that’s really fun. I’ve also noticed that block-heel shoes and off-the-shoulder style apparel continue to be popular—both are really great for exploring the Strip during our warm summer months. I’m also a fan of the vacation vibe—bright colors in prints such as palm leaves, tropical flowers and summer fruits.

Tell us a little about the retailers at Grand Bazaar Shops.

Grand Bazaar Shops at Bally’s is a dynamic retail, dining and beverage destination located at the center of the Las Vegas Strip, at the entrance to Bally’s Las Vegas. Visitors are invited to discover to new treasures in dozens of specialty shops offering souvenirs, gifts, accessories and apparel. One must-see shop is LoLo Exotic Home Goods & Jewelry, which offers a rainbow of beautiful Turkish glass lamps and really unique jewelry pieces. Another is Rock Cinema, which has a large selection of current and vintage rock band and popular culture T-shirts. And one of our newest stores, Vegas EXP has a wonderful mix of classic Las Vegas souvenir items starting at 99 cents, all the way to current, popular merchandise such as official Vegas Golden Knights gear—it’s a perfect place to find a memento of your Las Vegas visit.

Tell us about the food and beverage highlights.

Grand Bazaar Shops has a carefully curated collection of over a dozen foodie favorites. From New York’s world-famous Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken to Dirt Dog, which is the official hot dog of Los Angeles. Fans of Mark, Paul and Donny Wahlberg seek out our Wahlburgers Restaurant for a delicious burger and a chance to catch a glimpse of one of the famous brothers, Giordano’s continues to draw diners with its famous stuffed deep-dish pizza from Chicago. We also see a lot of guests that enjoy a mini bar crawl with bars that offer everything from local craft brews at Sin City Brewing Co. to award-winning flair bartenders at Fuel Bar and more. Many of our bar and restaurants have extended hours to satisfy late-night cravings and our Starbucks and Subway restaurants are open 24 hours.

Describe your personal style.

I love to keep up with the latest fashion trends but ultimately, I’d say I lean more toward classic pieces and wear what makes me feel confident. I know what colors and cuts work best and I tend to stick with those. I do like to branch out and have some fun with trendy accessories. I think it’s important to keep in mind, though, that not every fashion trend that comes along necessarily works for everyone; I pick and choose and try to stay true to myself.